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About the Hydro-Saurus

The Hydro-Saurus hydroponic system is an all purpose system which excels at growing a variety of types of vegetables as well as medicinal use cannabis. This turn-key system (just add seed, light, water and nutrients) is the answer for any medical cannabis or CBD user seeking to drastically reduce the cost of their medicine per year or the gardener desiring to produce fresh tomatoes all year long.

The Hydro-Saurus dispels two longstanding myths concerning hydroponic gardening.  Myth #1 - That large highly productive plants can't be grown in small pots and in small spaces.  Myth # 2 – That hydroponic gardening is difficult, expensive and time consuming.

The Hydro-Saurus dispels these two myths by utilizing #4 grade ph neutral perlite (1/2 inch pieces and larger) as its only growing medium, along with an automated dual top-drip nutrient delivery system to achieve the goal of growing large highly productive plants in just 1 gallon pots.  

The nutrient delivery system of the Hydro-Saurus mimics the conditions of a plant planted near the bank of a river.  Roots reach out only far enough to tap into a consistent stream of water out at the edge of the pot, then signal the plant to trigger new root growth.   An autopsy of the roots of a plant grown in a Hydro-Saurus reveal not massive root length - which would lead to diminished productivity in a small pot - but instead massive root quantity.  It is startling to see large plants growing healthy and vibrant in such small pots.

Hydro-Saurus Features

Total Drip Control

More Features

More Features

The Hydro Saurus Models

Hydro-Saurus Basic

The Basic Hydro-Saurus Cannabis growing system includes a center pole T-Bar Attachment which is used (along with tie down bands) to stabilize taller plants grown with your system.

Price - $95.95

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Hydro-Saurus with Optional SCROG Sreen

Everything included in the Basic System along with a detachable 40' X 20' - 50 space SCROG screen - for growers interested in maximizing yield-per-grow using the SCROG technique.  Screen is located 10 inches above the one gallon grow pots and 31 inches from the floor, making it the perfect height for most closets with a closet rod as the means for hanging your lighting system.

Price - $119.95

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Advantages of owning a Hydro-Saurus

Save Money

Medical cannabis and CBD patients will save on average 90 percent on their cost of medicine per year by choosing to grow their own.  A single grow of a high yield strain of cannabis or hemp using a modern 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED light (under $90 currently at Amazon) can produce enough medicine for an entire year  in a bedroom closet with little to no ventilation necessary.

Remove Questions of Safety and Quality

Ingesting a largely unregulated product can be a scary proposition.  Growing your own medicine ensures complete control over what goes into your body - particularly if your method of ingestion is smoking.

First Hand Experience

Some things in life can't be fully known or appreciated without experiencing them first hand.  People who grow their own herbal medicines and food report a great therapeutic benefit to the growing experience - an often unexpected benefit.

Hydro-Saurus supports the Gnosis 2020 revolution